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If you are considering hiring a contractor for basement conversions in Maidstone, Maidstone Rendering, Timber And Damp can provide you with:

  • Expert advice and project management from one of our CSSW (certificated surveyor in waterproofing systems) qualified surveyors.
  • The advantages of more than 15 years business experience.
  • Top quality waterproofing systems products from industry leading suppliers.
  • A professional waterproofing system installation and high quality general building and redecorating service from our own group of highly trained and experienced fitters and trades-people.
  • A beautiful finished basement conversion that includes all pertinent guarantees and electrical and gas and building control certificates certificates.
  • Better than a loft conversion or extension
  • Ordinarily basement conversions in Maidstone are a sensible and affordable alternative to extending your home. You’re using space you already have as opposed to giving up valuable external space. And not like a loft conversion, you won’t have to find room for a staircase or dormer windows.

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project for basement conversions in maidstone - image is before we started a recent job
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Damp Proofing in Maidstone

For Over 20 Years


Supplying creative ideas and solutions when embarking on constructing a basement, we work with our recommended architects and team of specialists to produce the space that you desire.


If your cellar doesn’t have enough headroom to enable it to be made into a liveable area, or indeed you’ve got no cellar space, Maidstone Rendering, Timber And Damp can lower the foundation by underpinning. Underpinning is a method of extending the current foundations in depth or width for various reasons:

  • To gain more height in a low cellar room
  • Create a cellar where no cellar presently exists
  • To use sub floor voids to create extra rooms

It will be crucial to hire a company that has experience in this field and uses the correct methods and materials for underpinning. We have been working on underpinning basements in Maidstone for many years and visit all our sites before, during and after work is completed.

Options for basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing options vary from a blend of modern basement waterproofing systems to more traditional methods including basement tanking or external basement waterproofing. Every one of these approaches have their place and we will work out the best waterproofing solution for you.

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Converting your basement into additional living-space for your home is probably the most underused option for increasing the space and/or value of your house in the UK. Not only will it add a tremendous amount of extra space, it will likewise significantly increase the value of your home. Here at Maidstone Rendering, Timber And Damp, we have completed a range of basement conversions in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, and will help you realise the potential of all that underutilised space.